Supplier Spotlight:

Beretta Farms

The Guild

Posted by The Guild
on July 6, 2016

The Guild is all about showcasing the best cuts of meat that Alberta has to offer, 100% locally-sourced. That’s where Beretta Farms comes in.

When our team drove out to the farm to meet with the Beretta ranchers, it quickly became clear that these guys take their craft seriously. Founded over 20 years ago by Mike and Cynthia Beretta, Beretta Farms is known for their humane treatment of animals, organic and grass-fed products, and refusal to use hormones and antibiotics. At The Guild, we respect our food – that’s why it was so important that our values align with those of our suppliers.

“At Beretta Family Farms, we pride ourselves on raising our animals much like we raise our own family – with care, compassion and commitment. Fully sustainable and certified organic, our farm embodies the traits that set Beretta apart in the cultivation industry.” – Mike and Cynthia Beretta

Having seen Beretta’s farming processes firsthand and knowing we share so many of the same core values, we are pleased to be able to serve their meat to our guests, whether its a roasted tenderloin or a tomahawk rib steak. At The Guild, we take pride in understanding exactly how each and every cut of meat ended up in our kitchen, and we’re always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we’re only using the best ingredients – grass-fed, antiobiotic-free, and absolutely delicious.

Stay tuned for news about future collaborations and events with Beretta Farms.